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How Employers Can Support Armed Forces Personnel

It is incredibly important to have the support of businesses for those who have served in our armed forces in gaining fair access to employment opportunities. We work to continue improving the opportunities available for those looking for employment after leaving or as veterans. 

Businesses can assist in this mission in a number of ways including encouragement of military reserve service, using recruitment services for those in a career transition from the armed forces, offering discounts to members of the Armed Forces Community.

Being A Supportive Business

Businesses can promote their stance as an Armed Forces Friendly organisation in a number of ways.  Some examples of how our current support network of businesses are helping the community include:

  • For Veterans: Recognising the skills gained in military service (detailed below) and working with career change recruitment services 
  • For Reservists: Being accommodating to training commitments and deployment requirements.
  • For Spouses/Family Members: Considering special leave requests before, during and after a partner’s deployment

Skills Gained In Military Service

As an employer, hiring those who have served in the military or are reservists can have tangible benefits to your organisation. An ability to work under pressure, teamwork and excellent problem solving are core skills developed during service in the armed forces. 

Additional skills can help bring a breath of individuals to your company, such as health and safety, leadership and IT. All of these skills are extremely transferable and should be desirable within recruitment processes. 

Employer Recognition Schemes

There are recognition schemes and awards available to those who provide exceptional support as employers and encourage others to do the same. These are awarded to employers who demonstrate support to the Armed Forces Community and show allegiance with the Armed Forces Covenant. 

Further Support

There is help and advice available for businesses looking to support the Armed Forces Covenant. Further information can provide practical advice for companies looking to support the cause, available here.